• Governance
  • Leadership and sense making
  • Organization and management development


  • Higher Education
  • Professional Service Firms
  • Public Service Organizations
  • Highly innovative technology companies

Some remarkable assignments in the past

  • Integrity
    Investigate facts and values, so that the municipal council of Almere can make a sound decision about the integrity of the city’s mayor. The report to the council is available via WagenaarHoes Organisatieadvies.
  • Advice concerning organizational effectiveness and efficiency
    A semi-governmental institute, with the important mission of doing justice to victims of a lethal occupational disease, wanted to know what improvements could be made in any aspect of the organization. Paul’s report turned out to be fruitful.
  • Management development
    A newly merged city in the south of The Netherlands needed to lift its management team to a higher strategic level of competence. Together with the managers, Paul developed and executed an intensive process of nearly one year. It was evaluated positively.
  • Restructuring
    A division of the administration of the Province of Antwerp wanted to restructure its organization. There was an important requirement: make sure that the new structure is supported by all those concerned. A widely supported new structure: that is exactly what Paul delivered.
  • Leadership coaching
    The upcoming CEO of a large school association asked to be coached on his leadership qualities. In eight monthly sessions, the CEO and Paul intensively discussed the leadership issues at hand. As a kind of conclusion of their effort, they published together an article on one of the issues in a national newspaper. It drew a lot of positive attention.
  • Resourcing BENELUX
    The Benelux Treaty recently restarted a 50 years period, evidently in another international context than the earlier treaty, when the EU was just a dream of a few visionaries. The official concerns of the renewed Union were, of course, formulated in the the treaty; but what does this mean for the Benelux administration in Brussels and its communication to the citizens and organizations? Paul was able to support secretary general Jan van Laarhoven and his collaegues in the exco with the transition of the organization.
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